Made in Britain, Heard Worldwide

Welcome to Matrix Amplification - PA Division

Three decades of experience from our engineer, Mr Andy Hunt, have been distilled into a range of thirteen amplifiers that we are proud to both design and build at our production facility in Britain

The range features a two channel 800 watt 1u model. The other 12 models are all 2u with either 2 or 4 channels and range from 1000 watts to 7000 watts.

Suitable for touring or fixed installation all of the amplifiers feature:

  • Modern switched-mode power supplies which we create in-house to provide huge amounts of power whilst keeping the weight down.
  • Class AB output stages to keep your sound quality as high as possible
  • 2 year warranty.
  • Numerous enhancements made possible through the utilisation of new materials, components and techniques.

Please have a look through our site at the available options. If you are not sure which amplifier is best suited to your application you are welcome to call us on 0845 108 54 49 or email to talk to our experts.